Source: liv lig - online .com

Source: liv lig – online .com

Are you feeling undervalued? Do you feel that you have been performing above your specific job description? Maybe since you feel that you do everything you’re supposed to do on the job, you are actually lacking that specific “shine” or “sparkle” that would make you stand out.

A great way to help resolve this is to start by being more healthy and eating those “superfoods” that will help you to become a more healthy and happy individual which will, in turn, give you that added “sparkle” on the job.

By projecting a healthy and happy attitude in addition to your performance on the job, your supervisor will be more inclined to grant you that raise when you do feel that the time is right to ask for one. Please read our article How to Ask for a Raise. Check out the following infogram for a list of “superfoods” that you should eat to become that “super-charged” employee that is deserving of that raise.


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