Have you put any thought into the “Not So Obvious” Resume Mistakes that are really easy to make but are real killers to your resume?

Among them are using abbreviations.   In our industry, do you really want to assume that everyone knows what that abbreviation means?  A Resume should be fairly formal, therefore using abbreviations shows laziness as well as a lack of professionalism.

Don’t use meaningless statements such as “References Provided Upon Request”.  Of course you will provide references…why in the world would you take up precious space on your resume to reinforce something you would already do?

Never (really – NEVER) include an Objective.  An Objective is not only unnecessary, but it can get you into trouble.  I once had someone apply for an internal recruiting job who’s objective stated she was looking for an accounting position.  You guessed it – I certainly didn’t waste my time interviewing her.

Another is inconsistency of formatting – if you are going to italicize or bold your position title, then make sure all of your titles are in the same format.  Spacing, font, and alignment of information should be consistent throughout your resume.

Be sure to avoid too little or too much information and tailor your resume to the job being advertised.

Run a grammar and spell check on your resume. I received a resume from a CRA who was supposed to be an expert in Ophthalmology.  You guessed it – Ophthalmology was spelled incorrectly at least a dozen times in her resume.  Not only was this a turnoff for me, but her resume landed in the “we won’t represent her” pile.  Why?  With today’s technology, when someone submits a resume with extensive spelling and grammar issues I feel they are just being careless and lazy.

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Written by: Betty Crisp

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts

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