Barrier to Entry: 

Barrier to Entry

From a CRA staffing perspective, I believe all of us can agree that we have some work in front of us to clarify the barrier to entry into the role.  We also need to define the CRA role more consistently. Wouldn’t it be nice if all sponsors and CROs were in agreement on titles and the qualifications of CRAs at various levels?

With all of that in mind, I have recently been seeing bloggers and ‘experts’ state that a ‘scandalous byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic’ is candidate fraudulence.

How ridiculous.

We have been experiencing serious CRA candidate fraudulence in this industry for well over a decade. Unfortunately, some folks are just going to do what they can to fake the system (any system, actually). But what about those candidates who have honestly tried to break into the role and been unsuccessful?

Jeslyn Atanu joined us to discuss her perception of the confusion around the barrier to entry into the CRA role. We also bridge the topic of how it may be one of the root causes of some of the fraudulence we are experiencing.

Make no mistake. I certainly do not agree that it is okay to commit fraud to gain entry into such an important role. But, I do agree there are some problems we should band together to solve within our beloved industry. And better defining the barrier to entry into the CRA role is one of them.

Join us as we lay it all on the line. And while we didn’t magically solve all of our industry’s issues, we sure did shine a light on several of them.


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