Unintentional Discrimination:Unintentional Discrimination

In today’s podcast, we team up with a tenured CRA professional and trusted colleague, Mashaan Guy, to discuss an undesired side effect of the candidate fraudulence we are experiencing in this industry.  I am going to call this side effect unintentional discrimination. And to define the term, unintentional discrimination happens when unconscious biases or stereotypes held by companies or hiring entities negatively impact folks within certain protected classes. 

In layman’s terms, what I am finding is that instead of employing robust hiring processes that are better equipped to catch fraudulent candidates, companies are instead making broad brush decisions that may be ruling out certain groups of people. 

Unfortunately, I see honest CRAs getting caught up in this.  

So what I want to do today is address those Honest CRAs who may be making simple mistakes on their resumes that make them look fraudulent. 


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