The Awkward Pause: 

Awkward Pause

You have prepared for your interview by considering every possible question that may be asked. Although you are nervous, you feel ready. And then it happens, the silence is deafening…no one is talking. How do you handle the awkward pause

Are you supposed to talk? Is the interviewer going to say something? Jeez…what do you do?

I call it ‘The Art of the Awkward Pause’ and it is purposeful and is just one technique in the recruiter’s interview toolbox. Today we want to share that technique along with others so that you can become a more competitive candidate.  

Join us for today’s roundtable where we discuss several interview strategies employed by recruiters and hiring managers. We provide job seekers tips on how to handle interview questions that are vague by design. Our team tackles the topic of the awkward pause, providing some tips on how to navigate silence during the interview. Then we dig into specific questions that are meant to put you at ease so you open up…all why explaining why these methods are used. 

Most importantly, we give you some guidance regarding when you should talk…and when you should shut up. 

Listen in while we open the veil so that you, as a job seeker, can be a more successful interviewer. And yes, it goes well beyond thoroughly answering questions.


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