best linkedin connection request message

What is the best LinkedIn connection request message?

Last week someone reached out to me with a simple question: Do you place Contract CRAs?  This was definitely not the best LinkedIn connection request message to send me.

Why? If this potential candidate had spent even a brief amount of time on my profile, he would have known that placing CRAs is a specialty of mine. My partner and I built a business that specializes in it. We have a team dedicated to source and place the top CRAs in North America. So asking if I place Contract CRAs means he hadn’t done his homework. It also shows that he was being generic…and if I can say it…a bit lazy.

He made one of the top errors that many make on LinkedIn: Failing to use a LinkedIn connection request to enter into real conversations with real people.  While our firm certainly agrees that networking on LinkedIn is critical, it is important that you do it the right way.

This topic made it to our Roundtable discussion! We discuss everything from what should and shouldn’t be included on your LinkedIn profile to how to build an outstanding network that will bring job offers right to your door.

Oh…and the answer to the “best LinkedIn connection request message” question? A genuine and personal one.


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