Classical Training: 

Classical Training

Folks break into a clinical research career via many different pathways. And when it comes to a clinical research professional’s foundations as a CRA, we typically see one of two approaches.  Many sponsors and CROs would say that obtaining foundational experience through “classical training” is the preferred approach. However, while we are seeing more and more sponsors and CROs offer entry-level programs that offer classical training, on-the-job experience is also golden.

Our roundtable topic for today asks if it matters how you got into the industry as a CRA. Is classical training a stronger entry than on-the-job training? And once you have broken into the role via either classical training or on-the-job experience, how do you then focus on continual learning activities that will balance your knowledge?

Oh…and regardless of how you formed your foundational knowledge, how does that experience fit into your overall career story? How will your continued job tenure and work experience either reinforce or detract a future hiring manager’s perception of the validity of those foundations?

Importantly too, how do you articulate your foundational knowledge in a way that makes recruiters and clinical operations managers see you as strongly desirable and competitive? Check this week’s round table out for further discussion.


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