Job Search Anxiety: 

Job Search Anxiety

Job search anxiety is very common. There are typically three reasons why employers don’t respond to a candidate who applies for an open position: 

  1. The candidate isn’t qualified (or isn’t as qualified as others),
  2. The candidate is overqualified and doesn’t explain why they are applying, or 
  3. The candidate didn’t move quickly enough to be considered.  

In a nutshell, a lack of response to your application isn’t necessarily a poor reflection on your experience or qualifications. We provide guidance on applying for a job as an overqualified candidate in another article, so today we will discuss speed-to-market.  

When navigating a competitive job market, it is important to express interest in newly opened positions quickly…while still maintaining control of career objectives. This begs the question – how does an actively searching candidate balance the need for a new position with the desire for a position that perfectly fits goals and objectives?

This week’s roundtable provides advice for all candidates experiencing job search anxiety. We discuss steps you can take to be first in line for open positions without sacrificing your career ambitions. 

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