Would you ever consider lying on your resume? Before you do, think about the possible ramifications of misrepresenting or omitting certain facts relative to your qualifications, job history, or education.

It is now surprisingly easy for hiring managers to identify falsified information on a resume. Besides the embarrassment it will cause, consider this: If false information on your resume is discovered before you are hired, your reputation could be ruined. You may also find it difficult or impossible to get the job you so desire moving forward.

Lies or omissions that are discovered after you are hired could result in termination. Additionally, it may be harder to find a job in the future if your work history includes a termination for cause. There may also be legal ramifications depending on the job, industry, or state in which you are working. In some instances, lying about your education or falsifying licenses or certifications could lead to criminal charges!

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Written by: Melissa Bushman

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts


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