creating a resume


You should know that the simple act of creating a resume doesn’t mean it will be read. According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, it only takes around seven seconds for a recruiter to decide if you might be right for a job.

Seven seconds. 

One thing is for sure, creating a resume that gets read is more than just documenting your work history and education. You need to find ways to stand out…but in a professional way. In our most recent podcast we discuss several tactics to use while creating a resume, including:

  • How to outsmart the automation tools used by most recruiting agencies and hiring teams.
  • A strategy you can use to show off your skills and accomplishments.
  • Tips on how to establish your personal brand by professionally highlighting your related passions and ambition.

We recently wrote a blog post on How to Write an Effective Resume as there are specific steps you can follow to help you be found by great hiring managers and recruiting agencies. This podcast is a narration of this article; we hope you find it useful!


For more tips on effective resume writing, check out our articles on the topic.  Any questions? Feel free to reach out and we will help where we can.


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