Declining a job offer: 

Declining a job offer

Some of our listeners may argue that no one should be declining a job offer in today’s economy.  I find that many candidates decide to accept or decline a position based only on compensation. But aren’t there other factors important to you? 

And while I agree that money shouldn’t be the primary driver in making career decisions, isn’t financial security something everyone strives for? How do you balance ensuring your financial needs are being met while also considering the other aspects of the position? 

If you are thinking about applying to or accepting a job that doesn’t fit your career path, perhaps you should consider the following:  

  • Does accepting this position completely (and permanently) derail your career path or goals? 
  • Will you jump ship if you receive the perfect job offer next week? 
  • Have you considered what you can gain in this position and if that is ‘enough’ for now? 

Oh – and if you decide to decline the job offer, how do you do it in a way that leaves the door open for future opportunities

There are many reasons for declining a job offer. Alternatively, there are many reasons for accepting one that may not be a perfect fit. This is our team’s roundtable topic this week. We want to hear from you – should you be declining a job offer in today’s economy? 


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