Maybe our firm is a bit unique, or maybe I am just a bit naïve, but I expect every candidate who interviews for a position with our company to have at least taken a look at our company’s website and know what we do!  Along the same lines, when I put a candidate in front of one of my clients, I expect that candidate to know what that client’s organization does as well.

More importantly, by doing your homework and knowing what the company does before you speak with a company representative, you demonstrate your sincere interest and willingness to become a part of their organization. It is important for you to express that something the company does, creates, or represents has appealed to you personally. By preparing, you show you weren’t just applying to any job listed, but instead display that you took the time to hand-select this particular company for a reason, just like they hand-selected you for an interview.

During the interview, the hiring manager will most likely ask questions like “What do you know about us and what we do?  How will you fit into our organization? What are your career goals and how will working with this company enable you to work towards obtaining those goals?” You must know what the company does before you can expect them to seriously consider you as a future team member!

Additionally, having background information on what a company does will build your confidence. Knowing what they do will give you insider information to the questions they will most likely ask. This knowledge will also help you leverage the skills and experience you already have, and will give you the opportunity to match those skills to the company’s mission and goals.

Lastly, be sure to note where your research shows the organization is going as you will need to convey that both your and the organization’s goals align. Be clear that where they are headed is where you would like to be and you want to contribute to their success.

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Written by Jessica Nguyen

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts


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