The introduction of the internet and World Wide Web has changed the landscape of recruiting and its approach drastically. Today, information and communication are available in seconds and those who learn how to utilize the web to their advantage can have great success in using it as an effective recruiting tool. Here are a few recruitment tips on how to employ the web as a useful ally:

First tip: Posting ads on commercial sites, such as and Yahoo! Hot Jobs, can aid in the driving traffic of candidates towards one’s company. Major sites have thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of people searching for jobs and can immediately be influenced by an ad pertaining to a recruiting firm in their particular field of interest. Sites like those above also offer services, such as keyword and location filters, for those companies posting ads. While the price of ads can vary, ones on major commercial websites can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending upon the desired length of the ad, physical specs, and other factors.

Second tip: Possibly the most valuable recruiting tip for the web is to network. The internet takes networking to multiple levels; no longer are companies constrained by geography or other barriers. Social networking sites are a great place to not only search for possible candidates, but also to create company pages and profiles in order to project a firm’s brand and image onto people. Professional social networking sites like LinkedIn also offer a great opportunity to start topic discussions that can be tailored to one’s industry and help shed light on thought processes and characteristics of potential candidates. Furthermore, email allows for the facilitation of easy communication and tracking of said candidates.

Third tip: Another great option, especially for younger talent with great potential that may go overlooked, is the use of college and university alumni career services websites. All colleges and universities have special relationships with a select few companies when it comes to careers, and building inroads into an alumni organization of a college or university that has a reputation for producing noted talent in one’s industry could end up paying large dividends. Not only has the firm established a relationship with an alumni organization and institution of higher learning, but could potentially allow for a steady pipeline of top candidates as the relationship matures. Institution’s career services websites also allow a unique opportunity to establish relationships not only with the institution, but also with the students. Posting positions on these sites can help generate buzz among friends and other students about postings and experiences one has with that company.

The web is a valuable asset for recruiting as it truly has limitless capabilities. Some of the best recruiting tips for utilizing the web successfully and effectively are to post ads on commercial job-search websites, generate and influence on social networking sites, and to take advantage of opportunities with universities and colleges and the potential organizations and sites in affiliation with them. The next step is to go out there and make it happen!

Written By: Ryan Miller

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts

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