Getting a Job After Being Fired:

getting a job after being fired

You just got fired…and now you are scratching your head. In some ways you may be relieved…you didn’t like that job anyway. In other ways you may be frightened…after all, the mortgage still needs to be paid. And a third side of you may be angry while a smaller sliver of yourself feels embarrassed.  As shock and emotions course through your body, you start thinking that getting a job after being fired may be impossible.

And then you start to panic.

How Do I Go About Getting a Job After Being Fired?

I should first note that while getting fired can be a disruptive and demoralizing life event, it can also lead to something great. But only if you are able to get past feeling victimized. And angry. Did I mention resentful?

It is important to acknowledge the emotions you are feeling. Give yourself permission to grieve…after all, this is a very emotionally charged situation! But you must also be able to move past these feelings in order to effectively map out a plan.  The key is to not look at being fired as the end of something. Instead, view it as a jumping-off point of something exciting and extraordinary.

A dear friend and colleague of ours, Ruth Kelly, joined us to discuss how folks can go about getting a job after being fired. We not only discuss how you can use this scenario to reinvent yourself and establish fresh goals, but we also provide step-by-step instructions for what you should do to bounce back stronger than ever.

Getting a job after being fired doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s how…


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