Getting a Job:

Getting a Job

Have you ever considered how getting a job is directly related to your mindset as a job seeker? Before you craft your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, or start applying for positions, consider whether your mindset may be turning off potential hiring managers. 

For example, let’s say that you apply for a position that is a bit over your experience level. If you go into that situation lacking self-confidence, your interviewer will sense it. The bottom line is if you can not convince yourself you deserve the job, you will have a difficult time convincing your interviewer.

Alternatively, maybe you feel you can handle the job in your sleep. Do you therefore come across cocky? 

And what about those of you who are running away from a current position because it is so horrible? When you are living in a mindset of frustration, don’t you think the recruiter or hiring manager will sense that energy? 

Getting a job should mean that you are going after a job that matters to you. Which means you are clear on what you want. It also means you must have the right mindset to go after it. For example, having the right mindset will enable you to craft a resume that is true to who you are. One that tells your story and clearly outlines where you want your career to go. Having the right mindset will also enable you to clearly articulate your skills, desires, and goals during an interview. 

But…and this is a big one…but maybe you need someone to help reset your mindset or attitude. Perhaps a sounding board will enable you to get clear. And that is the topic of today’s podcast with our friend and colleague, industry coach Jasmyn Quianna Adams. We hope you enjoy it! 


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