What do you do after the interview to ensure that you are the one to get the job?

Remember to follow up with a thank-you note quickly, while the interview is still fresh in your mind. This is vital as it keeps you in the mind of the interviewer . Do this by email, then by a hand-written note. You may feel that this is being overzealous but it isn’t. In today’s world, the email is critical because the job could be filled before your hand-written note could be received, which is normally 5-7 days. It is always good to do the hand written note as it goes to intent. Mention something personal that was discussed during the interview, be sure to be honest and reiterate why you think this job and company is a good fit for you. Proof-read your note to make sure there are no errors, in grammar or spelling.

Then, even if this particular job falls through, check back with the interviewer on a frequent basis in case something else comes up that might be a good fit for you. Please read our article Ten Fatal Interviewing Mistakes.

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