Job Search Advice: 

Job Search Advice

I just saw another article giving horrible job search advice. It is plentiful…and I have found that jobseekers often find it difficult to sort through good versus bad advice. But one thing is certain, following the wrong advice will cost you when it comes to landing your next position.  

Today we have a very special podcast for our audience. I was honored to be invited to speak on the topic of Resume Slips and Falls at a recent Rutger’s Clinical Research Management Network webinar. While the webinar spoke to slides, you don’t need to see the slides to gain incredible insight into our job search advice topic.  

Michael Canzano launches the webinar with some basics surrounding how to properly focus on your resume’s content and formatting. We then discuss some outdated resume and job search myths that should help you more effectively navigate today’s job search market. 

Link to Podcast here

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