Recruit Your Recruiter

Recruit Your Recruiter

This podcast tackles the topic of how job seekers should be pickier when selecting a recruiter to work with.  In this ‘How to Recruit Your Recruiter’ discussion, you will see how easy it is to fall prey to a recruiter who may not have your best interest in mind.

Years ago, an executive search firm reached out to me, offering to represent me if I paid them a fee.  At the time I was with IBM and quite comfy…so I didn’t bite.  But now, I know that I barely escaped a huge con.  It dismays me to find that so many candidates think they are supposed to pay an agency or individual recruiter.

Or even worse, candidates don’t always feel they have a choice when it comes to the recruiter they work with.

It isn’t supposed to work this way!

No candidate should have to settle for a recruiter who doesn’t care. So how do you recruit your recruiter? I am so glad you asked. Join us as we speak to a dear friend and colleague Elizabeth Weeks-Rowe. Elizabeth describes a scenario a friend of hers recently experienced…and I bet many of you have experienced something similar.

The takeaway? Picking the wrong recruiter can keep you unemployed (or unhappily employed). Self-centered recruiters can cost you money and can also hurt your brand. We give tips on what questions you should ask a recruiter before you allow them to represent you.


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