I need a job now…please help me: 

I need a job now please help me

In the last 24 hours, one of our clients just received 667 applicants for an open CRA position. I just received 272 applicants for an administrative position (and they are still pouring in). The rub? Many of those candidates were seriously overqualified for these roles. Some people may feel that such an outpouring of interest is a positive thing.  But I see something different…hundreds of individuals stating, “I need a job now…please help me.”

Which begs an extremely important question: Should job seekers hold out for a job that is right for them? One that fits their goals and helps progress their career?

It depends.  

We love to see candidates who are in control of their careers. But sometimes job seekers don’t have the leisure of holding out for the perfect job. And when the “I need a job now…please help me” mantra takes over and you have to settle in order to make your mortgage payment, how do you pick a position that won’t negatively impact your future career goals?

And how do you positively (and honestly) present that position on your resume? Or…do you present it on your resume?

Oh, and when you can ethically leave that ‘filler’ position to accept a position that better aligns with your career goals?

Great questions – and we discuss all of them in this week’s podcast.


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