Interview Audience: Interview Audience

I had someone ask me once: Do you wear the same clothes to a phone interview as you do to a face-to-face interview?  Wow…I sure hope not. But since you would certainly consider the interview venue when planning what to wear, shouldn’t you also consider your interview audience when planning what to say?

As an example, what topics do you feel are appropriate to discuss with an HR partner? And why is it inappropriate to discuss some of those same topics with a Clinical Operations Manager?  What should you expect when being interviewed by a future colleague? And before you answer that question, know that peer interviews can be a lot trickier than you think.

And let’s not forget about executives. Preparing for a discussion with someone in a senior leadership role can be just as tricky…but in a much different way.

Taking the time to analyze your interview audience is super important and this week’s round table digs deep into the topic. Listen in for loads of tips and tricks…as well as a funny story or two.


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