Fake Interview: 

Fake Interview

About twenty years ago I had a mentor who told me that interviewing was the worse way to identify talent. I thought he had lost his mind. But with the rise of the fake interview, I see some wisdom to his point.

Now I am not going to go on record stating that we should throw out the interview. But I will state that an effective vetting process starts long before scheduling an interview. And when it comes to the actual interview, strict guidelines should be followed to ensure the interview is effective and the results are trustworthy.

We just had a candidate who couldn’t get his speakers to work during a video interview. After fifteen minutes of troubleshooting, the issue seemed to generally resolve itself, but his sound kept going in and out throughout the entire discussion.

Perhaps the issue truly was technical. But if you had heard the many fake interview stories that I have heard, you would be suspicious.

We were. 

So how do we, as recruiters and hiring managers, make sure we are giving job seekers a break when they are genuinely experiencing an issue during an interview? Alternatively, how do we know to classify the interaction as a fake interview?

This is an important topic because I feel that many recruiters and hiring managers are so shell-shocked from interview fraudulence that they are ruling out good and honest candidates. Join us for this week’s round table where we dig deeper into the topic.


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