Contract and Full Time Job:

Time Job

We hear this all the time: “My current full-time job is very slow, so I thought I would pick up a contract to supplement my hours”.


“I want to shift into contracting, but I don’t want to leave my permanent position until I am secure. Therefore, I am seeking a part-time contract while still at my current employer.”

So, let me ask – is simultaneously holding a full-time job while working a contract position okay? What if I were to tell you that sometimes it is okay and sometimes it isn’t? This week’s team roundtable tackles this very important topic.

We dig into what when working two jobs may cause a conflict of interest. We also address why schedules for each position matter. And in case you were wondering if (and how) you should ask your current employer permission, we provide some tips. And most importantly, we go through how to document the scenario in your resume so that it doesn’t raise flags.


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