Choosing the right recruiter is critical while searching for new jobs. And, with such a wide array of staffing agencies to choose from, I am sure it may feel like finding the right firm may be harder than finding the right job!

Angela wrote an article outlining 5 Tips to Identify a Great Recruitment Agency.  It is a great article so if you haven’t read it, I would invite you to check it out; however, I felt we may have missed one important point.

As you know, there are basically two types of recruiting firms: recruiting firms that recruit across many industries and niched recruiting firms focusing in one specialized area. It is important to note why we believe you, as a job seeker, should select a recruiting partner which is constantly focused and immersed in your specialty. Here are a few benefits we believe you will enjoy while working with niched recruiters.

Knowledge of the Field

  • Niched recruiters work with industry professionals every day. Because they are experts in your specialized field, they will have a broader network to leverage. Believe me when I tell you that all job seekers want a recruiter with a large network!
  • If you are newer to the industry, a niched recruiter can help advise you on which jobs may best fit your work experience and education. Along those same lines, a niched recruiter may be able to provide guidance regarding additional education or certifications needed, or how to “break into” a certain position or role.

Industry Trends

  • Niched recruiters are more aware of developing trends, which can help you find new emerging job opportunities.
  • Knowledgeable industry recruiters can better prepare you for interviews with Hiring Managers by offering discipline specific information.
  • Recruiters specializing in your industry are more familiar with compensation trends and can provide better guidance on what salary or hourly rate you should be negotiating.

At the end of the day, because niched recruiters are focused solely on your specialized industry, they are engaged in the same things you are interested in. In return, they understand the language you speak and are able to have a more knowledgeable discussion with you regarding your desired position. For a more personalized relationship, working with niched recruiters with their specialized knowledge and dedication to the industry would be our recommendation.

Written by: Meghan Tooher

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts

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