If you are in the throes of a job search, then you will want to go beyond the old standards of job hunting, of cleaning up your resume, of expanding your network, and of improving your social media presence.

These things are still very relevant and continue to be important, however, you really need to kick-off your search from a position of strength.

First, go for quality over quantity in your application, i.e., customizing your application to the position you are applying for. You also need to reach out to past managers and co-workers who loved your work. Write better cover letters, adding new information such as personal traits, work habits, and, most importantly, show a genuine interest in the job and the company you are applying for. Learn from past mistakes by applying for jobs where you will be happy and able to excel in. Don’t agonize over when you will hear back from the employer and move on by continuing to apply to other opportunities. You should also pass along an opportunity to a friend if a job looks better suited to them as it not only is a very nice thing to do but it also helps from a networking perspective.

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Written by: Betty Crisp

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts

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