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Regardless of whether you work with a CRA Recruiter, Soup-to-Nuts Recruiter, or Sleazy Recruiter…it quickly becomes clear that recruiters are not all created equally. But putting the quality of the recruitment agency aside, when it comes to discussing whether a CRA, Sponsor or CRO should work with a Niched CRA Recruiting firm, how do you select an agency that will quickly yield high quality CRAs to fit your needs?

To answer the question, I usually ask this question:

Would you buy sushi from your local QuickTrip™, Circle K™ or 7-Eleven™?

The question isn’t whether 7-Eleven™ sells sushi…the question is whether you should buy it from them.

Please don’t think I have fallen and bumped my head as I ask this question to invoke thought and prove a point.  Wouldn’t you agree that the CRA role is a highly skilled one? Wouldn’t you also agree that there are fake CRAs and underperforming CRAs who are quick to apply when you open a clinical monitoring position?

And lastly: wouldn’t you also agree that the CRAs you select to monitor your studies will make or break them! Given that so much is riding on your research study, why not engage a CRA recruiter who specializes in sourcing, recruiting, coaching, and placing CRAs who actually know the clinical monitoring role?

We recently published an article on the topic of working with a niched CRA recruiter, but thought you may enjoy a narrated version.  This will be on our podcast channels too – we hope you enjoy!


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