Resume Mistakes

There are several resume mistakes candidates make that fall outside of the obvious spelling and grammar issues we often see.  This podcast covers the ‘not so obvious’ resume mistakes such as:

  • Adding meaningless statements: Of course you will provide references upon request! Save the space on your resume to reinforce your skills, qualities, achievements and passion points.
  • Including an unclear ‘Objective’: Not only is an Objective unnecessary, but it can quickly get you into trouble. Instead of making this simple resume mistake, add a professional summary which will help tell your story as well as show why you are qualified for the position.
  • Being careless with your formatting: We go through several scenarios where candidates have made fatal resume mistakes when it comes to “lazy” or “crazy” formatting.
  • Not tailoring your resume for resume scanning systems: If you want a human to actually lay his or her eyes on your resume, you need to know how to navigate the scanning systems. We discuss how!



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