Public Speaking

“What is the best thing I can do to advance my career?” she asked.  It is a common question for us here at craresources and my answer may surprise you. While we may be tempted to tell you that learning the hard skills associated to monitoring clinical studies is critical, my real answer for what is most important is this:  Get comfortable with public speaking.

Our friend and colleague, Elizabeth Weeks-Rowe not only agrees with us but takes it one step further by recommending CRAs seek out public speaking opportunities. Why? Public speaking has the potential to open many doors for professionals at all levels. It provides visibility, establishes you as an authority on your topic and extends your professional network.

How Do You Find Public Speaking Opportunities?

Check out our latest Podcast where Elizabeth and I both share our different pathways to public speaking. And the bonus discussion: we reveal how embracing this critical soft skill has contributed to both of our career progression.


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