Social media can play a huge role in your job search. Use it to promote yourself!

According to, “92% of companies are using social media for hiring”. The most common social media site used by recruiters is LinkedIn, but hiring managers also use Facebook and Twitter for recruiting. And many of these companies report that it’s working! They find that it takes less time to find the right candidate, and the quality of candidates has improved.

Keeping that in mind, you want to pay close attention to your presence on social media. Carefully select your profile picture, and take your time writing the “about” section of your profile. These two things make up your social media first impression!

You also need to “think before you post”. Recruiters use social media sites to screen candidates, so you want to show your best self. Never post or share something you wouldn’t say or do in front of a potential employer. You can still have fun with what you share, just remember it is creating a permanent record on the Internet that could be seen years from now.

The use of social media has resulted in new rules for career success. Embrace it! Staying flexible to the changes it creates can help you land the job of your dreams.

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Written by: Melissa Bushman

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts


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