Going on a job interview can be nerve-wracking. The key to a confident, successful interview is to be prepared! Prepare yourself by using my tips below, listed in order of succession.

First Tip: You have submitted your resume to different companies through your local job board or through a recruiter and one of the hiring managers is contacting you to schedule an interview. When that contact happens, take care to respond promptly and professionally. Before you end the call or respond to the email, now is the time to ask for the names of the people that you will be meeting so you go into the interview knowing who you will be talking to. Be as flexible as possible when scheduling that interview; but also be honest about any conflicts you may have.

Second Tip: Once your interview is scheduled, it is time to do your homework. The quickest way for an interview to go badly is to not know anything about the company you are interviewing for or the roles of the individuals you are speaking with. Put the company’s name into your local search engine to get some background on the company, the company’s mission and products, any recent news, etc.  Do the same research for the list of interviewers you have been given so you know their titles and background.  You also need to think about how you can enhance the company’s vision and what skills you have to offer which may be in alignment to the company’s focus.  Additionally, we recommend you check if they are in good standing with agencies like the Better Business Bureau and registered with their local Secretary of State.  Finally, see what feedback others have given…are there bad reviews on line?

Third Tip: Now that you have done your homework on the company and you are prepared for the hiring manager’s questions on your thoughts of the company, now it is time to think of some of the top questions that you could get asked. The top one is “tell me a little about yourself”; make sure your answer is humble but strong, you are selling yourself with this answer. Another one is “how did you hear about this position”; you need to know this answer so they know you are in control of your career and that you are not posting your resume everywhere for anyone to give you a chance. “Why should we hire you”; this is another question where you should be humble yet strong. “Tell me about a mistake you have made in the past”; you’ve had one, we’ve all had one and to not admit it shows that you don’t see your flaws. Be honest but make sure you have an answer on how you corrected it. “Why did you leave your last position, (or why are you leaving your current position)”; be honest in what you are looking for and why the last company could not lead you there.

Fourth Tip: On the day of the interview, since you are fully prepared you should be able to walk into the interview with confidence. Be well groomed, well dressed, and walk in with a smile. Make sure your handshake is firm and that you make eye contact with everyone you meet, even the receptionist. These could be your future co-workers so you want to greet all that you meet with a smile and a hello!

With these tips, I hope you feel comfortable and confident in garnering a job offer. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!  You can also follow our interview tips and opt into our email course for advice and guidance. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest and “Like” us on Facebook!

Written By: Carrie Thomas

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts

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