This week’s roundtable theme is simple and can be described in one word: Responsiveness.  It is interesting to me how many candidates miss out on great opportunities…not because they aren’t qualified, but because they aren’t responsive.

I’ve been so busy

I do want to note that when we speak of candidates being responsive, we are talking about candidates who are further along in the interview process. Meaning, that we have already fully qualified the candidates as well as spoken to them about the position.

And at this juncture, we are just looking for a confirmation to proceed with submission. We just recently had a candidate respond a week after asking for permission to submit…and the position was already closed!

We have all heard the excuses.  Job Seekers and Recruiters alike: “I’ve been so busy”, “The battery in my phone died”, “I didn’t see the email”, or “I have been traveling”. But let’s discuss the impact that responsiveness will have on your candidacy.

Today’s roundtable will take you through how we view candidates who are responsive and who are not. We dig into specific examples so you can better understand when it is okay to delay a response. And of course, cover when a lack of responsiveness will cost you a coveted role.

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