Self-Defeating Beliefs: 

Self Defeating Beliefs

The topic of this week’s roundtable is self-defeating beliefs and how they may be keeping you unemployed or unhappily employed. I refer to self-defeating habit patterns as Blockers. Blockers are those habit patterns that may have helped you survive in the past but are no longer beneficial to you. For example, as a baby, you cried when you were hungry. But as an adult, if you cry every time you feel a bit peckish, people are going to think you have crazy on your face. 

And yes, limiting beliefs will sabotage your success. Although self-defeating beliefs are extremely powerful, they only subtly impact your behavior. But that subtle impact is enough because these limiting beliefs will keep you from pursuing your dreams. They keep you from reaching your full potential. For example, if you lack confidence, you are less likely to apply for jobs that are a slight stretch for you. If you don’t feel you are capable of achieving a specific goal, you are less likely to even try to obtain it. Alternatively, if you are overqualified for a position, you may act entitled or arrogant while in the pursuit of it. 

So how do you know if you have self-defeating beliefs? How do you know if you have blockers that are sabotaging you? Let me ask you this: are you currently feeling love, peace, fulfillment, joy, and enlightenment? Did you wake up this morning with enthusiasm, feeling super excited to tackle your day? If not…then you are running one or more blockers. Which means you have limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts. 

Join us as we discuss how to identify what Blockers you may have as well as provide some examples of how to overcome them. 


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