…Seriously, it was one of the best interviews you have ever had with a company that you truly want to be engaged with.  But you hear nothing…

Or even worse, you get one of those polite rejection emails.

It is time to self-assess.  Maybe the interviewer felt you just weren’t a match for the company in terms of cultural fit or perhaps there were others with stronger qualifications. But it could also be that you did something (or didn’t do something) to cause the rejection.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you follow instructions? Often companies will have asked you to perform certain tasks such as applying online or testing your video connections prior to the interview.  In other instances, companies may ask you to send over documentation prior to the interview such as references, certifications, etc.  Failing to follow the instructions given during the interview invitation is not going to leave a positive first impression.
  • Were you…well you? Did you give real responses?  Did you provide details of your actual experience?  Did you allow the interviewers to get to know you during the interview?  Or were your answers too rehearsed?  Of course, you want to prepare for the interview, but having answers that are canned or sound too scripted will make you sound fake and unauthentic.  The interviewers want to get to know you.  They want a level of confidence in you, your personality and your work ethic…not just your skills and qualifications.
  • Did you send a thank-you note to the interviewer? And if you did, was it all about you?  Or was it about them and how you feel you can support their mission?  Thank-you letters can be tricky (we have an article on this topic) because they shouldn’t just be a reinforcement of your skills and qualifications.  You should speak to a) how you can help the company propel their mission, and b) how working for the company in that particular role will align with your career goals (i.e. a win/win for both parties).  I would also recommend you reference a current company specific or industry event which proves your point as it relates to your passion for the company…and further exhibits why they should hire you.

A misstep could happen at any point of the interview process, which will include pre-interview, during the interview, and post-interview.  The infographic below will help but be sure to follow our interview tips for further advice and guidance. Also, be sure to opt into our email course for guidance on how to be more productive and more competitive in today’s job market.

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Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts


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