Brand Storytelling: 

Brand Storytelling

What the Heck is Brand Storytelling?

You have heard me say it before: I want to hear your career story. Your unique story.  I want to see what your passion is as well as the qualities you bring to my table. In a nutshell, you need to be versed in the art of brand storytelling.

So how do you tell that story? Well, you start by clarifying your personal brand. Then, you come up with a way to honestly relate your journey.  And by journey I mean I want to see how your past has led you to the current moment…and how this current moment is leading you to your future career objective. You can articulate this through your resume, through your LinkedIn or other social media profiles, or via articles or blog posts.

Your story will help you stand out. And by being authentic and real, you will build a connection with your future hiring manager. Why? Because people want to build emotional connections with others. And hiring managers want to hire people that they resonate with.

What are Some of the Best Examples of Personal Branding?

Do you need some help to better craft your brand, so you can tell your story? Brand storytelling doesn’t have to be complicated and this podcast digs into some real examples that will help you craft the perfect story for you.  Thanks to our friend and colleague Amber Victor and her insight as a Hiring Manager! We know you won’t want to miss this episode.


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