We have all been there before, you are starting to get that feeling at work.  You don’t love going to work like you used to.  You are getting annoyed with the little problems you once enjoyed solving.  The money is not as great as you once thought it was and, frankly, you are feeling stuck.  In today’s economy, the average person will change jobs around 12 times in their career.  Don’t’ feel trapped in a job only to look legitimate and loyal on your resume.  It might be time to start looking for something else.  And you know what they say, the best time to look for a job is when you already have one.

No seriously, they really do say the best time to find a job is when you already have one.  A study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that employed job seekers found better offers in terms of salary, and they received more offers relative to the amount of time they spent applying.

When you are unemployed and searching for a job, you just might smell of the desperation and the fear of another missing paycheck.  Employed job seekers will have more bargaining power, discernment, and, most importantly, confidence.

If you begin searching for a job while you already have one, you won’t have to explain why you are currently unemployed.  Employers feel like they never really know why you lost your last job.  It leaves them a little unsure of what they would be getting into by hiring you.

Lastly, being an employed job seeker can show potential employers that you are in control of your career, that you have a good work ethic and fresh skills.  So Carpe Diem.  Count your blessings that you are currently employed and… get to searching.  There is nothing like feeling in control during that interview and, perhaps, looking at the process as you are interviewing your potential new employer.

One more tip, be careful when you are explaining why you are leaving your current position.  One word – positivity.  Don’t bash, don’t complain, but positively describe your desires for new opportunities and responsibilities.  This article written by my colleague might help.