In this day and age, every minute is valuable and in the role of a hiring manager, there is never enough time in the day. When an applicant applies to an opportunity, the hiring manager has many other applicants to review; how is one going to find the time to review each applicant’s information? Here are some suggestions before scheduling interviews that will help you in finding a great fit to your team.

  1. Review the grammar, spelling and punctuation via the communication method they used when they applied.  We often receive resumes with misspellings, incorrect sentence context or poor punctuation. With today’s word processing tools, not only may this be a sign of poor education, this could be a sign of sheer laziness.  Having proper grammar, spelling and punctuation is important in any industry and if the applicant was not careful to present a well-crafted resume and/or application during this step of the process (when they are supposed to be on their “best behavior”), I believe it is safe to assume the poor written content will continue after hired.
  2. Pay attention to the resume.  You want to check job tenure to understand if the candidate is a job hopper or otherwise in control of their career.  Why waste valuable time training someone when they won’t be with you for a long period of time, or worse, take your training to a competitor? Also, there are many times when applicants will change or tweak one’s title to get the chance for an interview but when you view the tasks it is clear the title doesn’t match what they have really done.  Lastly, pay attention to the companies listed and truly assess if the title matches the companies’ focus.  For example, we often see individuals use a Clinical Research Associate title at a company that doesn’t do clinical research.  Immediately we know the individual is (at a minimum) embellishing their credentials and we are therefore able to move them out of our candidate pool.
  3. Create a prequalification questionnaire to screen the applicant through email. The third step is to finish the prequalification process by creating a list of screening questions to email the applicant in order to determine if he meets not only the job requirements but also fall within the logistics of the job opportunity.  This completed questionnaire is gold, because not only will the results answer important questions regarding their qualifications, but also will provide further glimpse into their writing style, how professional they are with their written communications, and their responsiveness. Questions to consider adding to the questionnaire include certain logistics such as compensation requirements, clarification on experience in the industry, reason they are seeking a position along with any restrictions that the applicant may have. We eliminate about 35% of our candidates through this method! For example:  if the position requires significant travel, an appropriate prequalification question would be to ask what travel restrictions or preferences the candidate has.  In this example, eliminating individuals at this stage who do not want to travel will enable you to focus on those applicants that do.

With these time-saving tips, you will get the right candidate in the door. After all, who has the time to interview hundreds of different candidates?  Be sure to check out our hiring manager tips for advice to guide you and help keep you on track. Also, you can opt into our email course for additional advice.  You can also follow us on Pinterest and Like us on Facebook!

Written by: Natalie Prigge

Dedicated to Every Client’s Success,

Angela Roberts

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