Part of our offering is to prep our candidates for their phone and face-to-face interviews.  We go through the entire gambit of helping the candidate research the company, coaching them to handle behavioral / situational questions, and being ready to “defend” their skills and qualities to their interviewer.

This seems like a pretty typical, tame and expected interview prep method…right?

But some companies throw a wrench into the works and ask crazy, oddball interview questions.  Recently Glassdoor highlighted some remarkable questions which led us to give some deep thoughts into why these interview questions may be so blooming popular in some organizations.

Why do you think companies want to shock you, challenge you, or otherwise catch you off guard during an interview? 

For example, one of Forrester’s questions is “How many cows are in Canada?” ¹ I would love to hear what your thoughts are on what Forrester is truly looking for from the candidate when posing this question.

Or better yet, Dell likes to know what song best describes your work ethic? ² I thought long and hard about this one and mine would be “Fight Another Day” by Addison Road

For more oddball questions and to go that “extra mile” when prepping for your next interview, check out Glassdoor’s list and get creative!

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts

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