Using LinkedIn to Find a Job:Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

With over 950 million members, LinkedIn can be a powerful platform when it comes to searching for a new position or attempting to expand your career. However, given the large number of members on LinkedIn, it isn’t good enough to have a simple profile. So if you are using LinkedIn to find a job, there are certain things you should know.

Using LinkedIn to Find a Job…In a Good Way

To get noticed by recruiters and potential employers, your profile has to stand out. In a good way. You have to be active on the platform…also in a good way. For example, did you know that adding skills to your profile is extremely important? LinkedIn reports that members with 5 or more skills listed on their profile are contacted up to 33 times more by recruiters and other LinkedIn members.

33 times more!

Many people neglect their LinkedIn profile and this neglect will clearly impact their job search. We teamed up with our favorite industry coach, Jasmyn Adams to discuss major mistakes professionals make when using LinkedIn to find a job. And let me be clear, committing some of these mistakes will be disastrous to you as a job seeker.

Misusing or neglecting your LinkedIn profile will keep you from being ‘found’. It can also harm your professional brand. Additionally, sending an inappropriate or unthoughtful connection request may get you blacklisted by key influencers or companies. LinkedIn is a powerful tool so it is important to take the time to learn it.

Remember that LinkedIn isn’t just for creating a digital version of your resume. The point of LinkedIn is to expand a professional network that will be there for you when you need it. But you must use it correctly. We will take you through the top two mistakes we see people make when they are using LinkedIn to find a job. Listen to find out how to build out an effective LinkedIn profile as well as how to send proper connection requests…all in a good way.


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