Job Descriptions: 

Job Descriptions

I feel most of our clients undervalue the importance of job descriptions. Most hiring managers view them as an advertisement…and since it takes a lot of effort to craft one, why invest the time? Especially since there are no state or federal requirements to provide job descriptions for most positions. 

While a clear and detailed employment post can help attract high-quality candidates, job descriptions serve a much larger purpose within your organization. When written properly, they can ‘save your bacon’ when it comes to ensuring compliance with local and federal employment laws. They can also be useful as an interview tool, setting employee expectations as they transition into their new role, gauging employee performance, and offering protection from wrongful termination suits. 

For this week’s podcast, we team up with one of our favorite HR Professionals, Ruth Kelly. Ruth provides a wealth of knowledge surrounding the benefits of a well-written job description. She outlines the difference between an internal job description and a job post and then provides guidance on how to write job descriptions that will keep you compliant. 

Still not interested in investing the time to create a job description? Contact us – we are happy to do it for you!

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