Keep Failing Interviews:

Keep Failing Interviews

“Why do I keep failing interviews?” she asked.  I felt bad for her because she was an excellent CRA. But the reality is that she wasn’t failing her interviews because she lacked experience or competency within the role.

Actually, it has been our experience that interview fails rarely have anything to do with your qualifications. It is also not typically about your resume. After all, the resume’s sole purpose is to win you an interview, so if the recruiter or hiring manager invited you to speak with her, she liked your resume.

So why do job seekers keep failing interviews?

The answer may surprise you. Our team just held a roundtable to discuss the top interview fails we have witnessed. But I should warn you…some of the stories may cause you to fall out of your chair. Some are funny, some are shocking, and others are…well…just plain silly.

But all should help you uncover why you may be experiencing some interview snafus.


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