Why is it Okay to Hate Interviews?

Hate Interviews

Did you know that hiring managers hate interviews as much as job seekers do?  Interviews can be mundane. In most cases, I ask the same old questions, and the candidate answers with the same old answers.

And for those candidates who have a hard time connecting with their interviewer or properly communicating their experience…well, I can usually tell within the first two minutes how those interviews are going to go.

Interviewing takes a lot of time…for both the Job Seeker and the Hiring Managers. Which begs the question: How do we turn a much-hated chore into something meaningful and worthwhile? And how do we convert a typical interview from an interrogation into a real discussion?

We felt it was so important to let folks know that it is okay to hate interviews, that we decided to dedicate a podcast to the topic. One of our favorite hiring managers joined us for this very important subject. We discuss various interview venues, express our opinions on which ones are more effective, and also discuss interview practices that may not be ethical.

The goal of this podcast is to help you look at the interview process a little differently. Yes, it is still a means to an end, but it can also be fun and informative. We share some ‘face-plant’ stories as well as discuss how to improve your interview techniques, all in the spirit of making your next interview a meaningful conversation.


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