Being Authentic:

Being Authentic

Most people approach the job interview as if it were a dog and pony show. After all, isn’t it tempting to ‘perform’ as the person you think the hiring manager is looking for? We have seen it cited that up to 90% of job candidates engage in faking their behavior at an interview.  But being authentic in the job interview is important.

We teamed up with a friend and long-time hiring manager, Kathleen Hanlon, to discuss what all hiring managers are looking for – someone who is genuine, truthful, and real.


Now that doesn’t mean you show up late to the interview in a dirty shirt and sneakers because you overslept. But it does mean that you shouldn’t feel pressured to play a role.  Being truthful and honest in the answers you provide will help you land a position that will best suit your skills and passions.

We also talk about a big peeve of managers – job seekers who provide generic answers! Job Seekers are finding themselves in a much more competitive environment and those CRAs who can provide details regarding their experiences in the interview will be top candidates. We provide some tips on how to showcase your skills with the level of detail hiring managers are looking for. We also talk about how to let your personality shine through during the interview…and why it is important.


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