Employment Check: 

Employment Check

Many hiring managers feel employment verification and background checks are a waste of time and money. Alternatively, other clinical operations managers feel an employment check protects them from candidate fraudulence. Our firm feels performing a background check is necessary for certain roles. We also believe you should always verify a candidate’s past employment…

…BUT, to properly leverage these tools in order to ensure accurate results, you need to understand each of their flaws. 

Our approach to performing employment verifications is why we can identify that roughly 60% of our applicants are fraudulent. Our process has enabled us to see that currently six out of ten applicants are falsifying all or part of their credentials. You will be surprised how many of these fraudsters can successfully sidestep a typical employment check. 

If you and your hiring team believe a typical employment check will keep you and your team safe from fraudulent candidates, your approach to hiring is faulty.

We recently updated an article outlining how fake job applicants can pass a background check. In this very special podcast, our leadership team digs deep into why properly performed employment and background checks are worth the time and money. We openly discuss the flaws of both approaches and provide tips that will help your team be more diligent in identifying top talent…

…all while avoiding fraudulent candidates.


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