Recruiting candidates can be a tedious task, but if you carefully plan out the process, it can be easy and relatively stress-free.  Creating a checklist that covers the entire course of the process can help you easily identify what you need to do in order to find that perfect candidate. Here is a short compilation of tasks to consider when putting together your recruiting strategy.

1. Fully qualify the position with your hiring team and confirm approval to hire from finance or other appropriate divisions in your company

2. Create a well written job description

3. Create a list of the most important personality characteristics and ‘soft skill’ traits that you want in a candidate

4. Research similar job salaries and create a base range that is competitive, yet affordable

5. Notify all in-house employees of the new opening and fish for referrals

6. Evaluate in-house staff and proceed with the qualification process of in-house employees as appropriate.

7. If you decide upon a current in-house employee, start the transition process and end the search.

8. If you are not happy with any of the internal candidates, begin searching outside the company and post the job opening in various venues whether it be online or offline

9. Contact job placement firms and agencies for any leads or tips on finding a perfect match

10. Using the job description, fully qualify applicants and start scheduling phone interviews

11. Prep your team on how to effectively conduct phone interviews

12. Evaluate the team results of the phone interviews and schedule face-to-face interviews for the top candidates

13. Prep your team on how to effectively conduct face-to-face interviews

14. In a timely manner, communicate an offer to your top candidate

15. Communicate rejections to other candidates


I hope you find this list helpful…and not totally overwhelming.  We have step by step “how to” articles for many of these tasks.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please leave a comment and we will be in touch to provide you assistance.

Written by Eric Lee

Dedicated to Every Client’s Success,

Angela Roberts


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