COVID-19 and Clinical Research
How do you think this pandemic might change our industry for the better?

At this point, you have surely felt the sting of the Covid-19 crisis. We sincerely hope that inconvenience has been the only symptom you have suffered. Our CRAs have told us of their issues with travel, how their sites have been restricted and have canceled monitoring activities, and how their children’s schools have been closed creating an issue with childcare.

With approximately 318,900 clinical trials enrolling and/or providing care world-wide, the ramifications to the clinical research industry will likely be altering – permanently altering. We would like to believe that many of those changes are ones that will make our industry stronger. Will this pandemic force the Clinical Research Industry to embrace Risk Based Monitoring, Decentralized Trials, or Hybrid Trials?

While most of our Monitors have been restricted from travel, they have reported that some sites which had never previously allowed remote monitoring have reversed policies, opening access to databases allowing CRAs to monitor during this crisis. Other sites have been faxing or emailing redacted source documentation to the CRAs so monitoring of critical data can still be performed. What are some of the changes you’ve encountered so far?

We want to hear from you. How have you and your clinical teams been addressing the current crisis in a way that may positively impact our industry’s efficiency moving forward?