Hiring the Right Person: Hiring the Right Person

Several years ago Lou Adler wrote an article that described what recruiters and talent leaders felt were challenges to hiring the right person. He boiled their feedback into two primary categories: Teams aren’t seeing enough quality candidates, and Hiring managers are the problem, not the solution

Hiring the right person can certainly be a challenge. And yes, we see many Sponsors and CROs speak to a shortage of qualified CRAs as the reason to settle. But I don’t feel there is a shortage of high-quality CRAs. I do, however, feel the real ‘shortage’ companies are challenged with is their inability to attract great talent.  

But this is a discussion for another day. 

Today, I want to ask if you agree with Lou’s assessment. Do you feel hiring managers are the problem when it comes to a company’s ability to hire great talent? We teamed up with one of our industry leaders, Brian Dempster, to shed some light on the topic. We address the idea that hiring the right person starts with using the right interviewer. 

And no, not all clinical operations managers make good interviewers. But is the hiring process complete without clinical operations being involved? Likewise, I have met many recruiters who are terrible interviewers – especially when it comes to sussing the technical details. In a nutshell, my opinion is that the largest barrier most companies have to hiring the right person is their recruitment strategy…or lack thereof. 

We hope you enjoy the discussion!


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