Career Trajectory:

Career Trajectory

The act of crafting a personal brand prior to starting a job search can actually shape your career trajectory.  This is important because identifying your career path will help you plan what types of work situations will best fit your current goals.  

Meaning, that as you analyze your true passion, what you represent or want to represent, and how you want to make a difference in the industry, you will have a better idea of the types of positions or companies you should apply to. 

It may even motivate you to go in a completely different direction with your career. 

In today’s podcast, we speak with Amber Victor about the steps everyone should take to either create or fine-tune their personal brand before beginning a job search. We dig into the inner work needed to identify your career goals. And once you have clarified your goals, we discuss how to revise your resume and LinkedIn profile to better represent your objectives. And importantly, we give insight as to how to leverage your network to move forward with your new path.

All with the goal of helping you to fine-tune your career trajectory.

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