How to Work With a Recruiter:

How to Work With a Recruiter

Today’s roundtable is about how to work with a recruiter. And while we speak about working with a recruiter to obtain a new position, we also discuss how to continue working with your recruiter to transition into your role (if a perm position) or as you work out your assignment (if contract).  

A primary focus of this roundtable is how to work with a recruiter transparently. And more importantly, we discuss how important it is to select a recruiter who will be transparent with you.

Why do we think this topic is important? 

Because when you are transparent with your recruiter (and your recruiter is transparent with you), the chances of you finding a position with a transparent company are much higher. I have seen multiple studies that present how workplace transparency is the number one factor in employee happiness. Statistics show that companies that practice workplace transparency have teams that are more likely to meet their goals because transparency fosters collaboration.  

And from my 30+ years as a supervisor, I can testify that managers who are transparent with their team members are proven to have a more engaged, innovative, and creative team. So let’s dig into today’s discussion on how to work with a recruiter clearly and transparently…and how it will help you find the perfect fit with a wonderfully transparent company.


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