We love using LinkedIn as it is an incredible professional networking site.  We have found that by connecting with clinical research professionals through the many “linking” avenues offered, we have been able to share our open positions and provide job search tips to many individuals in need.

One of our favorite connection avenues is through the use of LinkedIn Groups.  If you aren’t a user of LinkedIn Groups, I would highly recommend you consider utilizing the multiple groups on LinkedIn as they can be an amazing way to personally brand yourself and build your professional network.

But how do you know if you are utilizing your LinkedIn Groups in order to get the best experience?

As you have hopefully seen, craresources has created a LinkedIn Group where we post relevant information about the daunting job search, clinical research industry updates, and our currently available positions. We think it’s pretty great, but are always thinking about you, and wanted to take a moment to provide some tips on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn Group experience. There are a few quick setting adjustments that can make a world of difference regardless of whether you are really invested in the group and want to receive updates all the time or just want to know what is going on without overloading your inbox.

How to: Go to the craresources group homepage. Click on the ellipses icon menu and select “Update Your Settings”. Under ”Communication Settings” you can tailor the notifications you receive to best suit your schedule.

    • If you love commenting on new posts, you can choose to receive an email when new discussions are posted, or you can opt to check the group on your own time
    • Digest Emails are great for seeing all of the group activity in a quick summary. For the people who like to review industry happenings over their morning coffee, select to receive daily digests. For those of you who prefer a weekend catch-up session, you can choose to receive weekly digests only.
    • Announcements: This is our latest endeavor to best satisfy our members’ needs. Announcements are special posts from the group owner or manager that appear on the Group Feed, but are also sent to the members as an email. If you only want to see announcements as a group post, unclick this box and there will be no extra emails sent to you. But, if you would appreciate a summary of currently open jobs and updates stay connected and we will send them your way!
    • Lastly, if you are open to receiving LinkedIn messages from other group members, you can opt-in for those added connections.

We hope these quick and helpful hints will greatly improve your group experience with our company and others. Let us know if these tips helped; we are always open to feedback in order to improve our relationship!

Have any questions? Ask the team here and we will be happy to help.

Written by Meghan Tooher

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts


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