We have been hearing people say it for a few years now – “social media is changing the game”…and not just for MTV and Justin Bieber and that teenager who lives next door listening to loud music all night long. Believe it or not, social media is definitely changing the hiring game and in most cases, making your life as a Hiring Manager a lot easier.

Perhaps most importantly, if used correctly, leveraging social media as a recruiting tool can save time and money. Sourcing and recruiting candidates can be as easy as entering their name and a few pieces of information into a search engine. LinkedIn is a great way to search for candidates and investigate their qualifications as you can search by job title, location, name, keywords or any combination of these. Some individuals provide robust and detailed profiles, which will enable you to identify if they may meet your position’s requirements, thus saving valuable time during the qualification process.

Because sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have made it so much easier to find and connect with potential candidates for your open positions, many companies are finding that they need to spend less man hours dedicated to sourcing candidates and reviewing resumes. Every second that your team is saved from leafing through hundreds of questionable resumes can be dedicated towards reaching out to those who are qualified and assessing their competence.

Additionally, social media has made it easier for you to get a look at the “real” person you are hiring.  Said differently, you can get a glimpse into their true character.  Let’s face it, almost everyone can act normal for a few hours during the interview process, but reviewing their social media footprint can save you from hiring someone who may be unprofessional and therefore not a fit for your environment.  For example, I have seen where candidates are posting silly things on Facebook while supposedly billing hours at work.  I have seen candidates who openly post negative comments about their job or boss as well as share inappropriate information about the company. I have also seen where their social media footprint doesn’t align with the credentials they have provided in their resume, indicating the employment listed on their resume has been falsified or the employment dates stretched.  I even once came across a YouTube video a candidate posted of herself doing drugs at a party!

As you can see, social media can make recruiting the most qualified candidates for your open positions much easier.  Let us know if you have questions on this topic as we are happy to help!

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts


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