Interview Fails

Want to know why interviews aren’t always effective?  Interview fails aren’t just made by the job seeker; hiring managers make them too.  Our team held a quick round table on this topic and want to share our thoughts on interview dos and don’ts as well as the CRA interview process.

We would love to hear stories about your “interview fails”!

This month’s blog posts on interviews:

And just for fun…User ‘gardenmarauding’ shares a time when a video interview ventured into an Interview Fail:

“I was hiring in pharmaceutical sales, and during a large drug launch, the company was hiring almost 200 people nationwide.

Because of this, the first step was a phone screen, then a video interview with the hiring manager before flying candidates out for the final, panel interviews with five senior level individuals.

We were very strict with the interviews and who moved forward, which means it REALLY sucked when a guy went into his final panel interview and started doing magic tricks.

Very seriously, he started pulling flowers from his sleeves, and he tried to “vanish” an interviewer’s coffee, but ended up spilling it everywhere instead.

In that same round of hiring, we also had an individual who did his video call from his coffee table (he sat on the floor) and he had someone ring his doorbell. From the conversation with the hiring manager, he asked politely if he could go answer the door in case it was an emergency. She said, “Sure”—no big deal—and the guy stood up, flashing his tightie whities.”

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